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Professional Photo Restoration

We do photo restoration like you’ve never seen

Over 25 Years Experience In Photo Restoration

We scan any size print you have, we scan color slides also. We do photo restoration, pictures that are washed out we can restore. We can take out scratches and bad blemishes, restore torn and bent photos. We can color black and white photos. We can put your photo on any size canvas, mount or canvas wrap.

The Magic Is In The Color Retouching Process

We have developed a process that allows a paint-on canvas digital system from any photo, and the canvas has a painted look in beautiful colors.

We can take your old and new photos and create a beautiful collage at any size. We can create a family tree, with generations of your family at any size. We can take old photos that are washed out or out of focus and restore them in color or black and white.

Photo Restoration Overview

Repair minor or severely damaged pictures, ether faded, stained, torn, missing pieces, bad color,water damage. We can even improve your photographs that are not damaged, even if the photos are too dark. We even occasionally get asked to remove people from a photo.

Remove facial glare, stray hairs, skin blemishes, whiten teeth and eyes, remove braces, take out hot spots and glare from eye glasses, extend backgrounds, remove buildings, cars, etc.

Add new backgrounds behind in back of people, replace heads from one picture to anotherfor that perfect picture.

We can send you digital copies of the work in progress to you for approval.

We can come to your location for portrait, family and animal photography at your place or at my studio. 

Photo Restoration Examples